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So what the hell happened to me? Ugh a lot and a lot of nothing. The medical thing got figured out. It was Tardive Dyconesia due to my Lamictal. The thing my shrink said it couldn't be. I lost my job at the phone place, Zak quit anyway. He works at starbucks now and took quite a pay cut for happiness. Except he's now not happy there either so yeah. So what have I've been doing? Well, my meds got cut in half by my physician which made the shakes go away. So, my bi-polarness has been all over the place leaving me quite depressed constantly. I got some freelance work, but not much. I've been trying to find another psychiatrist but either they weren't taking on new patients or they simply wouldn't return my calls (My physician said they might not know how to deal with my condition so they decided not to deal with it). Anyways so I have an appointment tomorrow with my old psychiatrist. I hope things will go well and I can move on. I just feel depressed all the time. I'm having debilitating panic attacks again. It's hard for me to do daily tasks now. I just feel like a burden and some to be "put up" with. So anyways I've bitched enough. I'll shut up now and attempt to fall asleep but probably wont.


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Jul. 28th, 2010 10:02 am (UTC)
i think i have the same issue. Part of me is happy to see it is not just me, the other part is sad that it isnt just me.
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