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Threadless Idea

So I'm working on this threadless shirt design. My bf says the hand should be more gorey, but I'm not sure what to do to it. Thoughts? Ideas? Oh, and no the hand is not a photo, its from scratch. I think I'm gonna post a step by step diagram on how I did it.

Should the hand be more gory?

No, I like it as is
Yes, mos def
I don't get it/like pop art
Other, please explain



Just because....


Music Stuffs:

I've actually decided on a top ten favorite musical artist list. Criteria consists of writing/originality/musicianship/person(s)/etc. Check em out:

I'll probably do a further post explaining each choice and blah blah blah, but nearly deciding that was exhausting enough for now.


Continuing the path to diagnosis

So I'm still shaking... a lot. Like it's hard for me to get around. So I'm out at my parents place. I can't go into work and will probably get fired. I had an EEG on Monday, then went to the neurologist yesterday. The neurologist was perplexed and concerned. There was a lot of "mmmhmmmss... yes... uh huh... hmmmmm... that's odd....." It wasn't very reassuring, but then again, it was his first time examining the case. So, I'm seeing my old doctor today, he's been the biggest help in all of this. He has a lot of connections and is known rather well in the medical community of the north to northwest suburbs. He wants to witness the attacks, which should be easy since they've been happening on a constant base. So that's where I'm heading today. Tomorrow I have a MRI scheduled, which the docs aren't even sure it will turn out since I convulse so much. Hopefully all this is resolved or under some sort of control by iml/bear pride. I'd really like to be able to see some friends/family after going through all this. I miss being with my bf a lot. Zak has supported me a lot through all of this. I love you more than anything babe.

The shakes

This video will give you an idea of what I've been dealing with as of late.

I get to go to a neurologist.... wheee!


The leader of Poland died. His plane crashed in Russia due to a fog of historical irony.

Daily Show n Neck Spasms

So, I think that the Daily Show has turned out more big stars in the past few years than SNL.

Oh also, I'm having bad neck spasms. I called my doc cause lamictal does have a side effect like that. She said it sounded more severe than the side effect, so she directed me to a hospital. Sweedish Covenent Hospital did nothing for me after I was there for six hours. All they did was say "I dunno" and wrote me a script for vallium. *head desk* So today I went over to Howard Brown, where they totally took care of me. What they're doing is having me cut my lamictal in half tomorrow morning. They said the half life of the medicine is so short, that I'll know by tomorrow afternoon whether its the medicine or not. Otherwise I get to go to a neurologist... yay.



*head desk* health care vote

Seriously, is the south going to secede again or something? John Lewis, a man who once stood with MLK Jr, was called a n****r by a tea party protester on his way to the vote today. Then they called Barney Frank, a glbt right activist, a f****t. Really people? An then the "baby killer" comment was the icing on the cake. Has politics become like pro wrestling where you shout out shit like "suck it" to your proponent?


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